Goats doing goat things

Goats doing goat things

Some days my life is watching idyllic pastoral scenes of livestock lazily grazing.
Some days I'm dressed up and luring you into my mossy twinkle-lit booth to smell my wares.
Some days I am concocting potions in my witches cottage in the woods.

Other days it's toting a goat in my kids folding wagon to the vet and providing wound care because goats are going to goat and get themselves into trouble.
In any case it's never boring.

About a month ago one of my Nigerian Dwarf does Meera was doing goat things and jumped over a fence, only this time instead of clearing it she got one of her hind legs caught.  She was way out in the back pasture where we couldn't see her and was stuck there for a while before she freed herself and came hobbling back looking for snacks.  I set up an emergency pen in the house and worked at warming her up and assessing the wound, the cut was deep and her foot felt cold (it was very cold out that day).  I am a good goat mama but not a vet so we were off to see our incredible vet Dr. Olson at Southeast Vet Hospital in Steinbach.  The fence had cut through around her ankle quite badly but we had high hopes that she would regain warmth and feeling given time to heal and pain management. 

She seemed to be starting to become more active and even leaped out of her enclosure a few times. But as time went on I noticed she was no longer resting her foot on the ground, and preferred to walk on 3 legs. After some consultation with the vet we both decided that she very likely needs to have at least some of the leg amputated.  So today we head off to the vet again for surgery.  I am feeling anxious about but she is a fighter and I will continue to fight alongside her and do everything I can to make her life as comfy and accessible as possible. 

As far as house goats go, Meera has been an excellent guest.  She's very polite and quiet, enjoying all the extra snacks and snuggles from us.
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