Me, Myself, and I

Me, Myself, and I

You might have noticed that I am absent from the line up of one of the larger Winnipeg markets this spring. I had to make the hard decision whether to apply or not, and decided that not was the way to go.

You see last spring I was so busy with market prep that a lot of things fell by the wayside here on the farm. My gardens for the herbs and botanicals I use were lacking or not planted at all. Fences for the goats needed fixing because they were getting out and I didn't have time to finish that, instead I have a pile of posts and a partially cleared fence line. My hay shed has deteriorated to the point where it's experiencing localized weather systems inside.

Without the goats and the gardens this business doesn't exist. So this spring I need to tackle all these projects and I am but one person, I am my team. If something needs fixing here I am the one that needs to do it.

Apothecandy also doesn't rely on any outside funding, it runs purely on its own steam from the sales I make on the website, at markets, and through wholesale. So let me tell you it's a tough decision not to apply for a market that helps fund these necessary improvements (and pay the bills).
This spring is going to be a true test.

Am I able to make some of these improvements and still keep up? Or will I need to pick up a part time job at Dairy Queen or something?
(Only worrying about whether a blizzard will fall out when I turn it upside down sounds kinda nice tbh 🤣)

Don't worry though. I'm not going anywhere, I'm too stubborn for that!
I'm continuing to put in 1000% to keep making all the goodies you know and love and getting them out into the world for your forest bathing needs!
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