New Year New Blog Post

New Year New Blog Post

So blogging is something I have obviously never excelled at despite having a penchant for being overly-descriptive and wordy ALL THE TIME.
My last post was mid-March 2023 and then I started doing markets for the year and just didn't stop until now. 

I have a chance to sit down for a moment and plan my year, what I want to accomplish, what I need to do more of, and what I need to do less of. 
One of the things on my list is to actually write more on my blog and maybe finally start sending out email newsletters.  I struggle with content in these areas, on social media people want pictures of pretty soap and cute goats and I am happy to oblige, I am constantly taking more pictures than I can post.  When I am making soap my mind is quiet and clear and focused.  But the moment I sit down in front of my computer to write on here my mind just goes blank and I start thinking about making soap  or what to make for dinner, or how I want to befriend ravens, or getting distracted by literally anything else happening around me (like the noise coming from my 4 year olds tablet right now).

As I work towards these goals I have a few things in mind.  I don't want my words to be an annoyance cluttering up in your inbox with the only redeeming value being some kind of deal for clicking.  That just doesn't appeal to me, maybe it makes me a terrible small business owner but I want authenticity and community above all else.  I want excitement for what mysterious new shiny bauble lies in wait when you click that notification.  I want exclusive content for my special ones.  I guess I want a secret club.  

I don't yet know how to create secret soap club but I'm trying to figure it out!

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