The Magic Ingredients - Pt 2

The Magic Ingredients - Pt 2

Yesterday I explored the science part of soapmaking, delightfully nerdy, right? So where does the nature come in?

Everything I make is not only inspired by nature, it is imbued with nature, it bursts forth from vibrant colours and intoxicating scents. The wisdom and history of herbalism is behind every product, evident in every colour, every aroma, and every infused oil.
I use natural materials to capture a moment in the seasons and invoke a memory or emotion in the people who use my soap. From the smell of the early spring when the sun warms the buds on the balsam poplar and the golden resin begins to flow to the fading sunlight of the fall when the goldenrod and fireweed blooms.  I follow the seasons and ethically wildcraft the botanicals that capture the story of the forest in my soap by infusing oils or drying them to craft the colours of the designs.  The aesthetic and blends of scents are carefully crafted to transport the user to a memory or feeling. The base of all of my soap begins with beautiful raw goat milk, which is packed with fats, vitamins, minerals, and naturally occurring lactic and alpha-hydroxy acids.

All our milk is lovingly hand milked from the goats that I share my land with, a partnership that flows through the seasons of life from birth to natural death.  I am honoured to share my world with these creatures and to craft beautiful, useful things with the gifts they give me.
Milking Goats
The goats even take it upon themselves to infuse themselves with botanicals, yesterday they broke out of their beautiful woodland pasture to help themselves to this year's entire calendula crop. 🤦
The point is you won't find neon colours and fragrances called "monkey farts" here (not that there is anything wrong with that, farts are hilarious).
What you WILL find are botanicals cultivated from my own garden, ethically wildcrafted from the boreal forest, wildflowers, spoiled goats, local honey and beeswax, high quality essential oils, and honest, simple, sustainable, beautiful things to put on your body.
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