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Mushroom Shelf | Magical Woodland Cottagecore Accent Shelf

Mushroom Shelf | Magical Woodland Cottagecore Accent Shelf

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Do you ever just wish you had a perfectly placed mushroom shelf to set your teacup on?
Live your coziest anthropomorphic woodland creature living in a hollowed out tree cottage fantasies with these perfect little shelves.  Display your goblin treasures proudly!  

This little side project of ours is because I made myself these mushroom shelves for my market display and you all fell in love!
So we've kept our 3D printer going a bit longer to make a small collection of shrooms. 
3D printed using biodegradable and recyclable bioplastic and then hand painted for the perfect neutral speckled mushroomy vibe.

They are lightweight and very easy to attach to your wall with the included back plate.
Choose from 4 different styles.

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