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New Moon Shampoo Bar

New Moon Shampoo Bar

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The New Moon represents new beginnings, a clean slate, setting intentions, and acknowledge your growth.  This herbal rosemary and bergamot scented foamy lather will wash last months grime out of your life and down the drain leaving you with fresh, clean hair to move forward with. Each bar is hand molded and pressed with good intentions in small batches.

I've sourced all of my ingredients to be responsibly harvested and use some really creative botanical solutions, like gentle lather produced from apples, and conditioning from brassicas. This shampoo bar is low waste, ethically sourced, long lasting (probably too long to be a smart business move if I'm honest), and effective.  There is no need to rinse with apple cider vinegar and there is no transition process when switching from commercial liquid shampoo.

"How do I use it?"
You simply wet your hair, and rub the bar onto your head, you will immediately notice the lather build in your hair. Set the bar down and continue to work the bubbles through your hair, rinse, and repeat if needed.

Follow up with Sweet Orange Conditioner Bar, your regular conditioner of choice, or no conditioner at all depending on your hair type.
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